Friday, March 30, 2012

Perfect Points-Lesson 4-Ohio Star & Pinwheels

Lesson 4
I swear I have everything as good as it gets...then I find a bad point!  Sigh......I'll never achieve perfect, but I'm getting lots of the frog stitch!!!!!  I'm doing better than I thought I would, though with these smaller, many pieces & points blocks.  We have 2 more lessons to go with this 6-week BOM at Connecting Threads.  Lesson 5 has some paper piecing, which I've tried a time or two and totally stink at that!  Not sure how we'll do the paper part...draw it, I think.  Hmmmm...wonder if I could print out my paper piecing with EQ7?  We'll see, won't we!!


  1. Sue - EQ7 does wonderful PP patterns! Can't see you 'stinking' at anything! LOL

  2. Ha ha, Trish! I'm a dabbler in much, an expert in none!! Once we get the instructions for the PP block, I'm going to give EQ7 the chance to amaze me once again.