Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March FMQ Challenge - Practice & Playing!

This month's FMQ Challenge teacher is Ann Fahl.  She has provided us with doodle samples with which to play.  When I first saw these, my immediate response was....this is going to be hard to make these shapes, doodles or not!  My first attempts at 3 of the doodles are pictured above.  This is on a project that I made recently as a sample for Bernina's Software Sampler class. You can see the whole project on my Picasa Photo site.  Click on link on the right for Stitching With Sue Project Photos.  Truthfully, honestly, I swear, these are my first and only attempts so far.  I was so surprised at how easy this was right off the bat!  I began with the loops.  Got lost a few times and felt as if I was going backwards or something, but I found my rythmn quickly.  Then in the second photo, I added spirals to the loops.  The 3rd photo shows loops with stars...STARS!  I free motioned STARS!!!!

Oh, and that easy listening, nature music is really helping me to relax and enjoy this process. 

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