Friday, March 16, 2012

Snowballs & Sawtooth Stars-Lesson 2 Perfect Points

Lesson 2 Snowballs and Sawtooth Stars
 I am thrilled with the results I got with the points this time.  Because the snowball and stars overlap, the points needed to be spot on to achieve the illusion of a straight line.  I only had to frog stitch 2 points in this lesson! WooHoo.  I pulled out a tool that my friend, who is a wonderful quilter and she knows who she is, talked me into buying not too long ago.  She said she uses it all the time.  Well, I only used it once in a while and it was almost relegated to that drawer full of unused ruler and tools....until now.  I have decided it is my favorite tool. Thanks, friend!! Perfect for marking quarter inch seam allowances on corners, angles, straight edges.  Perfect Piecer by Jenny Beyer.  I will be keeping it close to my machine. 
I'm not all that thrilled with the large print fabric in the snowballs, but it's there and there it stays.  I'm hoping it will all pull together by the time the quilt is finished.  I layed out all the blocks so far on the floor and took a picture.  Cloudy day, so the colors aren't as good.  Not too bad.  I have to keep telling's just a learning quilt.  I would never have believed I'd be putting together blocks like these...and liking them!!!

Lessons 1 & 2
I think I'm caught up now on everything for March.  More to come in April!!  Keep stitchin'!


  1. WOW!! Sue, you're doing great !!! I like those blocks together those geese flying around in a circle.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. They are flying in a circle, aren't they?? haha Once all the blocks are done and put together, those geese will be in each corner flying around in a circle.