Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Funky Chicken

March Close

Another chicken digitized and stitched!  I can only hope that this roll that I'm on will continue through this year.  Plus it helps that these Fat Cat Patterns are large enough to digitize easily.

I had an Aha moment today, quickly followed by a huge Duh moment!  Some of the decorative stitches weren't showing up well and I've been backing up the stitch sequence and repeating the stitch to give it a heavier appearance.  Then I remembered I've got all this colorful heavier weight quilting thread!  I tried it on one section of this block and it embroiders very nicely.  It doesn't have the shine of the polyester embroidery thread, but I think I'll like it.  Next month's block will have decorative stitches in quilting thread.


  1. Hi Sue (remember me from the Hatched event in Temple?) I like the heavier stitching too. Gives the chicken some texture! Cheryl S.

  2. Hello, Cheryl!! Choosing the stitches is the most fun. I'm learning that if I think they look large enough, I should make them a little larger! haha

  3. Very nice work Sue - its an inspiration. I love to digitize too.

  4. Thanks, Happygirl! It's fun to play around with my digitizing softwares.