Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March FMQ - Doodle Does It!

Doodle Combo

Doodle Spiral Flower
I took some time this afternoon to doodle using Ann Fahl's doodles!  My second try at doodling is the Doodle Combo picture above.  This one has 4 different doodles.  Going clockwise starting at the upper right - spirals, spiral flowers, hearts, stars.  I chose the spiral flowers to create a whole block for my FMQ sampler quilt.  The stars section was a close second.  This was really fun and freeing in a way.  If I made a mistake, who's to know?? hahaha

The good thing about doodles?? I can actually see these in a quilt and creating doodles of my own.  Something that I feel I could do a pretty good job of - even now in my FMQ infancy!  And did you notice?  I've gone to a darker, but still neutral, variegated thread!  Getting braver!  Before long, I'll break out in glorious colors!!!!


  1. Very cute. I think these FMQ designs will look great on your quilts and would be fun to try variegated threads with too. Enjoy!


  2. What a good job you did. I'm blog hopping before I get down to doing mine.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I'm looking forward to having a quilt to put a doodle onto!