Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She said 'Hand Sew'??? Uh, I don't think so!!

April Block1
Craftsy's BOMs this month are hexagons made using English Paper Piecing.  New technique for me.  Amy said to hand sew the hexagons together.  HA!  I say, HA!!  I thought I would use monofilament thread and a narrow zigzag stitch.  Worked like a charm.  The hexagons in this simple block are 1 1/4" size.  This measurement is taken from one of the straight outer edges, not across from point to point.  I didn't know that's how hexagons were measured...another new fact for me.  I sewed 2 rows of the pieces end to end, then snugged them into place side by side and zig zagged my way down.  I then used a small invisible applique stitch and sewed them to the base block.  Not a single hand sewing needle ever came close to my fingers!!!

Amy's block 2 is a corner sun-looking hexagon arrangement which she calls Sunny with a Chance of Hex.  She issued a challenge to create our own hexagon block if we didn't care for hers.  I didn't care for hers, so I'll be taking her up on the challenge.  Fingers crossed my challenge block will turn out ok!

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