Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Gaggle of Geese!

Part of Lesson 1 of Perfect Points at Connecting Threads was Flying Geese.  I struggled a bit with peeks and narrow seam allowance.  I was using a technique of cutting the pieces a bit larger, then trimming down to size after the section was made.  We used a rectangle and 2 squares to make a section.  I finally marked the center 1/4" seam on the rectangle and the corner 1/4" seam on the squares.  Matching them up rather than matching the square to the sides of the rectangle gave me a nice seam allowance at the peak.  BUT....I was concentrating so hard on that, that I forgot to pay attention to the side seam allowances.  Those aren't so even.  sigh....  Oh, well...I'm learning!

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