Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Pointed Affair, that Square in a Square!

The last part of Perfect Points Lesson 1 at Connecting Threads is small square in a square blocks joined together two by two.  We use a placement pin at the points to match up the points, placing the pin straight down through both points.  Then we pin the fabric together to hold the points and remove the placement pin.  Then when sewn, the points will match up perfectly.  Sounds easy, huh?!!  It seems even a thread off with that placement pin and those booger points won't line up!  Luckily only 2 had to be frogged stitched (rip it, rip it) and realigned. 

And I bet you are thinking...those two blocks in the bottom of the picture need to be fixed...well, they don't!  I thought so too after looking at the picture and went back to the real deal to check.  There's a small black square of the multi-colored plaid at the point of the inner square giving it the illusion that the points are not aligned.  I swear!  I swear!!!

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