Thursday, October 18, 2012

Funky Chicken - October

Whew!  Busy month, plus my sewing time on October's things is cut short by a week and a half.  Not complaining about this as I'll be staying with a friend and having nothing but fun!!
Anyway, here's the finished Funky Chicken block.

October 2012
October 2012-closeup
I'm anxious to start assembling this top. The borders & sashing will be black with tiny crayola-colored confetti bits all over.  I'll quilt-as-you-go with these large 16.5 inch blocks.  I think I'll do a bit of fussy quilting on the chicken, matching thread colors, then do a filler-type quilting around the chicken, again in a matching thread.  I don't want to do meandering stippling around the chicken, so was thinking about doing some of the different free motion patterns I've been doing for the FMQ challenge.  Each block different.

Opinions on this is most welcome. My skin is thick and I can take criticism, so don't hesitate to post what you think.  I have the hardest time choosing what will enhance the quilt pattern.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

CORRECTION to October's FMQ post

I'm so sorry, guys (and Teri!!).  I gave the wrong information about how Teri holds her quilts when she is quilting.  Her hands are on top of the quilt and she keeps her finger tips closer to the needle.

I had been looking around at various videos and watching the quilters in action. This one method must have gotten stuck in my head!!

Teri, I do apologize for posting the incorrect information.  I'll give myself 10 licks with a wet thread! LOL

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge - October

This month our teacher is Teri Lucas.  She does some gorgeous free motion work and gives us some insight into how she does this..including how she holds the quilt.  Rather than hands placed on top to move the quilt, she prefers to grab hold of the quilt and move it around that way.  Interesting and I will give this a go next time I have a larger quilt surface.  Hard to grab hold of an 11" square! LOL  I drew out with pen and paper several blocks with various shapes and swirls and decided upon this layout.
October FMQ
I'm still trying to get the hang of even echo quilting.  Also having trouble with filler shapes such as what you see below the feathers on the left and in the right lower corner.  I keep getting lost and then lose my 'shape' rhythm.  Sigh...I'll never be a pro at this, but I'm better than I used to be!!!  I'm much better at tracing than I used to be, so this might be the way for me to go once I begin using these techniques on a more regular basis.  I'll have lots of quilt tops to practice on next year! LOL

Keep on Stitchin'!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BlockBase Sew-Along - Block 2

The second block is done.  Once again, I paper pieced this block.  Do you see a trend going here???
Block 2
So...these colors are better, right???  The outer fabric is a pale yellow batik.  I think I got the 'pop' right on this block!  Such fun digging through those batiks!!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grandmothers Choice - Week 7

This block is called Alice's Flag.  This particular block is not in BlockBase, so instructions were given in .PDF format to create the 8" block.
Grandmothers Choice-Week 7
We were given a choice to either applique the whole star or we could piece the 5 blades, then applique.  I chose to fussy cut the fabric and applique the star.  The star shape was traced on the back of the fabric, then I used organza to line the star.  I sewed all the way around the star, then clipped the organza to turn right side out.  After a good pressing, I then machine appliqued it to the background.

If you haven't taken a look at the weekly posts for these blocks, you should jump on over to and read the historical stories connected to these blocks.  Mini history lessons about women's struggles to obtain the right to vote.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

In Color Order - October HST Block

Only a couple more blocks to go with this BOM!  I've certainly had lots of practice lining up points with these blocks.  Once I learned to trim the HST from the BACK, I'm getting much more accurate points.  How did this simple little trick evade me for...ummmmm....20+ years????
Oct 2012
Just in case you don't know...trim these little HST blocks from the back so that you can place the 45 degree line of the ruler directly on top of the seam.  And to think for all those years, I was trying to balance the ruler 'in the ditch' from the front side.  DUH!!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Craftsy BOM - October Blocks

These are, I think, the last 2 blocks for this BOM.  Next month will be the instructions for putting the quilt together and possibly quilting suggestions.  This month the blocks are paper pieced.
Block 1 is called Friendship Circle and Block 2 is Circle of Geese.
October Block 1

October Block 2
Sorry about the blue tint on Block 1, but the colors on Block 2 are good.  It didn't look blue until I posted on the blog!!

I'm looking forward to getting this top put together.  So many different blocks, both traditional-looking and modern-looking.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Carol Doak Mystery Quilt - October

This block went together fast.  I was on a roll yesterday and got it completed around 6:30 last night.  It helped that hubby was golfing and I didn't have to cook dinner!!!
October 2012
It was cloudy this morning when I took the picture, but the colors came out really well.  On to the next BOM...which is 2 paper pieced blocks, this time from Craftsy.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BlockBase Sew-Along - Block 1

This sew-along started October 1.  We will get a new block every 2 weeks.  Click on the BlockBase Sew-Along badge on the right side of the blog to go to EQ's blog and see what it's all about.

We have freedom of block size and how we want to put it together.  We have no fabric requirements due to...well, it all depends upon what size the blocks are and how we put it together!  I decided on 8.5 inch blocks and for this first one, I printed off foundation paper and paper pieced it.  I also decided it was high time I used those batiks that have been aging in the closet.  So with all this in mind, I decided to pull a couple of lights and a couple of darks for this block.  For lights I chose yellowish colors and for darks, one is a green and the other is sorta purplish gray.
BlockBase Sew-Along - Block 1
I did good on getting the lights and darks separated nicely and I like the contrast between the 2 lights.  But I can see that I should have picked a better contrast in the two darks.  Maybe this is where warm and cool comes in.  Maybe I should have gone with a more true purple.  I still have problems picking good colors! Next block will be better, right??!!

Keep on Stitchin'!

Modern Mystery Quilt - Week 3

Finally finished up Week 3 rectangles.  Weeks 4 & 5 have already been released, so I'm rather behind!  But I need to put this quilt aside and get to work on the other BOMs for October.  I'll be taking the mystery quilt with me when I go to Houston in a couple weeks - I'll have the final instructions by then.  I'll be there staying with a friend for 2 weeks of sewing, quilting, yakking, International Quilt Show, sewing, quilting, yakking.......FUN!!!
Modern Mystery-Week 3
These rectangles are similar to Week 1, but they have another round of strips.  Again, this was so time consuming.  I finally quit stressing about sizes of strips and decided what would be would be!  But still took a lot of time.  Choose a fabric and cut a strip between X & Y in size.  Choose a different fabric, cut 2 strips, sew to top and bottom, press, trim between X & Y.  Choose another fabric, cut 2 strips, sew to sides, press, trim between X & Y.  Repeat.  I'm just glad to get these behind me.

Most likely, this will be the only modern quilt I'll make.  I don't enjoy this process like I do making traditional blocks.  But I've done something I've not done before, like it or not...and that's a good thing, right??!!

Keep on Stitchin'!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grandmothers Choice - Week 6

Just as I get finished with last week's fiasco, there is another block posted today on the blog!  So while I still had this fabric on the table, I went ahead and made the block.   Thankfully, it caused me no problems! <smile>
Grandmothers Choice-Week 6
I was able to paper piece this one easily and my points are so good!  My stripes aren't so perfect, but by the time this busy quilt gets put together it won't matter....I hope!  

Keep on Stitchin'!

Grandmothers Choice - Week 5

Fair warning!  If you have liquid in your mouth, swallow.  Probably should go to the bathroom first before reading further.  This post may cause an outburst of laughter.

I was so proud of myself making Week 5 block.  I printed off foundation templates, cut my fabric pieces and proceeded to put the block together.  WooHoo!  Done...wait...that doesn't look right.  Measure...too small.  Hmmm.  Ok, I can put a border around it to get to the right size.  WooHoo!  Done...wait, that still doesn't look right.  Go back to the computer and look at the Week 5 block.  Look at my block...WHAAAAT the........???????'s what the block is supposed to look like.
Grandmothers Choice-Week 5
This was rotary cut and a template was used for the green squares.  This was not an easy block!!  Very difficult to figure out how to sew it together.  Remember it's an 8.5 inch block.  Tiny triangles, strips cut 1-1/8 inch wide....hence the reason I wanted to paper piece.

Ok, no more waiting.  Did you swallow?  Gone to the bathroom?

Here's what I ended up with when I paper pieced this block.
Week 5-Oops!
Apparently, I did something wrong....ya think?????

Keep on Stitchin'!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Funky Chicken - September's Chicken is late!!

I'm behind on my BOMs and BOWs.  I was hoping to keep up with everything, but alas, there is not quite enough of me to get it all done and I certainly don't need to increase me any more!!! LOL
September 2012

Closeup Sept 2012
I'm trying really hard to get caught up and can see the end of some of the BOMs.  I've started a couple new ones that will run through next year and this is what has put me behind.  But I'm having fun....are you????

Keep on Stitchin'!