Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craftsy's BOM for March.....Strings!!

March Block 1

March Block 2

It's the 3rd of March and I've already completed the BOMs from Craftsy.  WooHoo!  This month is string blocks on foundation.  Both were new ways that I'd never done before.  Block 1 was created with strips sewn diagonally on 4 squares.  The light colored strip in the center is the base square foundation.  Block 2 was created by sewing strings to a 4 triangles.  The base triangle foundation was again the light color in the center.  They were fun to do.  What may look like black in the blocks is actually brown.  Night time pictures just aren't as good as day time pictures!

I'm still struggling with that scant quarter inch seam.  I did quite a bit of the frog stitch on Block 2 in order to end up with a 12.5" block and still have my quarter inch seam allowances on the edges.  First sew together ended up with a block about an inch too large!  Geez...they do say SCANT, Sue! hahaha  One of these days, I'll find my happy medium for a scant quarter inch.


  1. Sue -- GOOD FOR YOU! Your string blocks are beautiful. I like the star block--great idea, taking a star block and filling in with the string strips. I've wanted to make a string quilt for too long now. GO GIRL !! Cheryl S.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. These were so fast and easy. One day I just might make a string quilt, too!