Friday, March 23, 2012

Perfect Points-Lesson 3 Teeny Tiny!

Ooops! Glaring mistake!  See it?

Bear's Paw corrected

Friendship Star
This Perfect Points lesson from Connecting Threads was a hard one for me.  Those half square triangles finish at 1 inch square!!!!  Teeny tiniest pieces I've ever worked with and look at all those points that had to be matched.  I did pretty good.  Far from perfect, but I'm proud of myself! :-D  When I finished the Bear's Paw, I posted my photo on Connecting Threads, mentioning that I had one point that was off pretty badly.  Someone privately emailed me and suggested I take another look at a particular area. To which I replied that yes, I know I have a bad point.  She politely asked me to look again at the toes.  DUH!  If you haven't see it yet, look at the paws in the lower right of the block.  Poor bear has two broken toes on the bottom!  After all the checking, standing back and squinting, picture taking and posting of said picture...I still didn't see that I'd sewn in 2 HSTs the wrong way.  These block look large, but they actually measure 8 1/2 for the Bear's Paw and 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 for the Friendship Star.  I promise both blocks are squared up, even though the funky plaid border makes it look nice and wavy!

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