Friday, September 21, 2012

September FMQ Practice

I've been practicing the September challenge on tear away stabilizer and using no thread in the machine.  I was able to run the stabilizer through my printer/copier after adhering it to freezer paper.  A heavier stabilizer may not have required the freezer paper.  Anyway, great practice to get the rhythm down and committed to muscle memory if your machine allows you to sew with no thread.  Hopefully you can see the needle marks on the stabilizer.
Practice on tear away stabilizer
Found out that the Golden Threads Quilting Paper does not agree with my copier even if it is adhered to freezer paper!  Scrunched up and flaked off a bit.  Hope I've got it all out of my printer/copier!!
Golden Threads Paper scrunched!
Thought it might be best to trace the design onto the paper!!  My sample fabric is ready to be quilted.......after lunch!
Traced Paper on block sample
Keep on Stitchin'!

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