Monday, September 17, 2012

Craftsy September Blocks - Drunk Indeed!!!

Man O Man, did I struggle with these blocks.  Drunkard's Path 3.5 inch little blocks with no room to spare.  My seams are awful and uneven and the little blocks are anything but square, but I was able to get my 12.5" finished blocks.  Very time consuming and S-L-O-W!  I finally decided to pin all the curves together while watching TV one night and then sew them the next day.  That worked much better!  Next time I do a drunkard's path-type block, I will cut over-sized squares.  And next time I make these types of blocks, I WILL have acrylic templates!
Sept Block 1 - Chain Block

Sept Block 2 - Cleopatra's Puzzle
I really like the looks of Drunkard Path blocks and am pleased with the final outcome of these blocks....just don't turn them over to the back side! hahahaha

Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Hi Sue,
    I am doing these blocks also. I agree that these are some of the harder blocks, but I enjoyed the challenge and liked the outcome. The acrylic templates would make a big difference.

  2. Most definitely! I love the look of quilts using this curved block, so I do plan to purchase templates. It was a great challenge!