Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Quilt Blocks - Block of the Weeks!!!!

There are 2 new quilts being started in September.  Yes, I caved and I'm going to try to do these, too!  These are Blocks of the Week (BOW).  I'm trying to get a new page and labels set up on my blog for the BOWs, but for some reason things just aren't working.  So if you happen to get weird notices from me about a post and then discover it's not there...well, you can guess that I'm having problems! LOL

Anyway, until I get that worked out, I'll post them on the BOMs page.  The first quilt, Grandmothers Choice, started September 1 and is a salute to the trials of obtaining women's right to vote.  You can find the 1st two blocks as well as so much information about that time in history here:  Barbara Brackman is, I guess, the most knowledgeable quilter alive about historical quilt blocks.   The 49 blocks for this quilt are from her EQ's BlockBase.  She is also providing the blocks on her blog.

Here are my first 2 blocks.
Week 1- Grandmothers Choice

Week 2 - Grandmothers Choice
 Since these blocks can be printed from BlockBase or from EQ, you could choose to print paper piecing foundations or templates.  I decided to make the block with rotary cutting instructions and templates when needed.  Templates were definitely needed for Week 2 block.  And yes, those are inset seams!!!

Next post will be about the 2nd BOW that I'll be working on.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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