Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Modern Mystery Quilt - Week 1 blocks

These blocks look so simple, right?  Well, actually, they are simple to sew but......the size to make each strip weren't such easy decisions for me.  I'm used to making very precise blocks...cut this size.  The instructions were to make 10 blocks in various colors, having the finished blocks measure between 14" - 17" wide and 2.5" - 5" high.  Still easy, but worry wart me stressed over getting a variety of sizes and hoping I was getting enough variety.
Modern Mystery Week 1
This is most definitely a mystery to me.  How can such odd ball sizes fit into the same quilt that nearly 400 of us (at last count) are making...and everyone's strips are different???

I love my colors!!

Keep on Stitchin!

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