Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foot Book

I decided to take a few classes at the store where I teach the Bernina Embroidery Software.  I've been spending too much solitary time at home and needed to get out and with people.  One of the classes is an ongoing Foot Book Class, which uses the various sewing machine feet.  The Foot Book is a Bernina project, but we have other machine brands in our class as well as Bernina.  The Foot Book project can be found on the site.  I wasn't going to post any pics, but I've changed my mind.  It's a fun class and I love using the various feet that our machines have.  We use fabric, card stock, and various embellishments.  So here are the pages we've done so far.  Don't you love the couch picture for the couching page??

These pages will eventually be placed back to back...not necessarily in the order of the pictures and will be bound together by various methods.  They will have metal eyelets and metal rings to make them into an 8 inch book.  Aren't they fun????

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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