Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandmother's Choice - Week 3

Since I couldn't log on to my computer today (thanks to hubby for fixing tonight whatever it was that I broke), I got a lot done! LOL  I'm on way to many Groups, but I just can't unsubscribe for fear of missing something!!! 
Grandmother's Choice Week 3
The brown triangles are a bit darker than in the picture, but the fabric does have light and dark areas.  I've had this brown and green fabric for a while now.  I think they are perfect for this 'old fashioned' sampler quilt.  They have a historical feel to me.  Plus I'm a sucker for paisley and 2 of the fabrics have paisleys!

I gotta get going on my FMQ Challenge and the Funky Chicken for September.  Ooooh...I've learned of another BOW or rather every 2 weeks, I think, starting Oct. 1 which also uses BlockBase.  Saw it on a recent EQ newsletter.....I really should resist, but can I?

Keep on Stitchin!

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