Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retreat - 2nd Block

Finished the second block for the Summer Quilt that I'll be working on at the retreat over the Labor Day weekend.  Now I can feel comfortable cutting out all the pieces for the paper piecing project.  Because I had limited fabric, I wanted to conserve as much as possible.  Paper piecing is not known as a conservative way to cut fabric!  It was suggested to me to try printing out templates from EQ software and setting the seam allowance larger than the normal quarter inch.  This gave me templates larger than needed and allowed me to cut fabric in the shape of the template while still giving me plenty of wiggle room for paper piecing.  It also shaved off a lot of fabric waste.
Summer Quilt Block 2
These blocks and cut fabrics can now be put aside for the retreat.  I'll let you know how much progress I made on this and the other project after the retreat! 

Keep on Stitchin!!


  1. Using the templates from EQ for paper-piecing also means that it is much easier to see where the fabric is going to flip to once you sew the seam. Another advantage to using the templates is that fussy cutting becomes easier. Cut out the inside of the template on the seam line and there is your fussy cutting window! Great job!

    Kay Ahr in Indianapolis, Indiana USA

  2. Hi Kay. Great idea for fussy cutting! Duh...why didn't I think of that! haha The only drawbacks that I found with using templates from EQ is that for some shapes, all fabric needs to be cut right sides up or one will be mirror imaged the wrong way. Also because of this mirror image thing, I had more separate stacks of pieces. Both very small inconveniences for me. I will most definitly be cutting by templates with paper piecing quilts I create in EQ.