Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FMQ - July Mess!

Need a good laugh??  Today is not my day for free motion apparently.  I thought I'd practice a bit on July's challenge from Angela Walters.  We are making quilt tiles.  Her sample has swirls inside the 'overlapped' tiles...which by the way those swirls are spot on perfect!!  Anyway, I want to use this challenge on a block keeper that I'm making.  I pulled out a piece of fabric that had only cutaway stabilizer behind it just to get the rhythm of the design I'd chosen to do.  This challenge is for any meandering type of quilting and mine is a sworled (yes I spelled it that way because it isn't a swirl and it isn't a rounded flower...) flower amongst loopty-loops.  Easy, right?? HA, I say..HA, I say again!  And I even started out with the design drawn on the fabric to get me going.  How can I go from doing pretty good to so awful????

Ok, enough talk...here is your laugh.

FMQ Mess!!
I will say that I got a tiny bit better by the time I completed this 14 inch square.  Surely tomorrow will be a better FMQ day...oh wait, tomorrow is the 4th of July...I may not be in the sewing room!

Have a great Independence day and be safe out there!!!

Keep on stitchin'!


  1. Sue, I guess the "mess" is lost in the picture because I can't see any mess here in Virginia. What do they tell us - practice, practice, practice - I am too impatient I want it right the first time and sounds like you do to. Keep on sharing with us. Rebecca

  2. Hi Rebecca. You may be right about expecting it to be right the first time. I was so proud of myself with last month's detail quilting. This one put me back in my place! LOL Teach me to be so smug! hahaha Definitely more practice sessions in my future!