Sunday, July 8, 2012

Block Keeper #2 - Ready for Assembly

Quilting is done, the 2 pieces are bound, and everything's pinned in place.  This second block keeper will hold up to a 14" square. I'm sure it will get the most use as most of my blocks tend to be around 12".

Almost done!
This keeper was excellent practice for July's FMQ challenge.  Can you see the tiles piled on top of one another?  Better pics are on the FMQ page.

I still want to make one more keeper to hold 16"-20" blocks.  Eventually I'll get back into embroidery and those quilt blocks are usually larger.  Currently, the Funky Chicken blocks need a storage home...they are 16" blocks.

Stay tuned...the finished project will be posted soon!!  Until then...

Keep on stitchin'!!

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