Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blocks Out of Control!!

I've got so many BOMs I don't know what to do with them!!  I have been pinning 4 of the BOMs to a small quilt I have hanging in my sewing room.  My pretty little stitches quilt is being obscured, wouldn't you say?  And the more blocks I pin to it the more they weigh it down.  Gotta fix that!  The FMQ Challenge blocks are stacked in a corner and that stack is really getting out of hand.
Current BOM Storage
So I decided to make a block keeper.  I'd looked on the internet and found several, but each one had something I didn't like.  I didn't want to use elastic in an X would put wrinkled stress marks on the blocks as I filled up the keeper.  I didn't want to insert the blocks into pouches, that might result in inadvertently folding a corner or edge of a block.  I wanted to be able to lay the blocks on top of each other and secure them without stress and without ruining the corners.  This is the result of my test keeper.
Keeper Closed and Secured

Open Keeper with FMQ Challenge Blocks
I thought I was making a keeper for 12" blocks, but by the time I got it quilted and the flaps sewn in, it became my small block keeper for blocks up to about 10".  I put a tab on the front, attached a metal eyelet, inserted a 1" book ring which holds a small binder clip, which holds a piece of paper with the name of the blocks inside.  The flaps have metal eyelets, too, and I used a small nylon cord to string them together over the blocks.  I added a D-ring closure.  I also used some plastic canvas I had around here purchased for what I have no idea and inserted some into the spine, front, and back.

The fabric?  Not very pretty, huh?  I'm using some of my "What was I thinking??" fabrics to make these keepers.  Here's a couple more fabric coordinates that I'll be using.  I rather like that green, but it was the only one that went with that 'other' fabric!  I love wisteria and when I saw this fabric (on top in the back) I immediately grabbed the bolt and began matching fabrics to it.  I get home and realize it had a definite oriental feel and I'm just not a fan of oriental decor.  But these will make great block keepers, don'tcha think??
What was I thinking???
By the way, I'm quilting these using the Juki/frame set up.  Gettin' in some panthogram practice with these. that the right word?  The more I look at it, the "wronger" it looks! LOL

Keep on stitchin'!


  1. Love the block keeper, great idea. BTW, the panto that you used, I love it! who is it by and what is the name?

  2. Hi Kathy. Thanks! The panto was printed by me from Quiltmaker Volume 5 by EQ. In the Celtic, Ribbons & Curves section, name Intermezzo Border 2. I just kept making copies and gluing together until it was long enough. With my little Juki/frame setup, it took a 35" panto to quilt a 29" width.

  3. Thanks Sue! I believe I have #5! I also have a juki, 98Q and a Grace Majestic Frame. I am horrible at pantos and this one looked easy enough. I will give it a try!