Thursday, June 14, 2012

Juki Cover - Progress, Finally!

I have finally gotten the top pieced for the Juki cover.  My BOMs got in the way and those paper piecing fabrics and foundations glared at me the whole time!

Juki Cover Pieced and ready for quilting
You may notice that the final arrangement is not what I created in EQ7.  There's a good reason for that...just promise not to tell!  I screwed up! LOL  Because of my limited background fabric (read as completely ran out), I had to insert 4 of the paper pieced quadrants into a solid block so that I didn't lose any fabric from seams.  So I carefully marked and measured and rechecked and then proceeded to sew them in....on the wrong corner...on all 4 blocks!!! this is the arrangement.

I'm working on my FMQ challenge and plan to use this month's learning experience on the Juki cover.  Once I get 'comfortable' with the rhythm of this technique, I want to transfer the rhythm to the Juki and frame.  Check out my progress so far in the FMQ section.

Keep on stitchin'!!

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