Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carol Doak 2012 Mystery Quilt - June Block

June's Paper Pieced block is so pretty!  It was an easy one for me.  I'm so glad she is starting out easy for us newbies to paper piecing.   If you aren't a member of her Yahoo group, you should be.  Not only are we getting brand new blocks each month for the Mystery Quilt, we just went over 8000 in membership.  Carol gives new blocks to the group for milestones.  And that's not all!  The group just had it's 6 year anniversary/birthday.  So we just got 3 brand new blocks over the weekend!!  Did I mention these blocks are brand new, gorgeous, free...and gorgeous??!!

Anyway, here's my block for June.

June 2012 Mystery Quilt
Keep on stitchin'!!

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