Friday, June 15, 2012

FMQ - June Challenge final block

This was such a fun challenge for me.  I've always loved the look of different techniques side by side and never dreamed I could actually recreate the look myself.  My thanks to Cindy Needham, our teacher this month, for giving me the push to try this.
FMQ June 2012
I had really hoped to be able to use my Juki 2010, which sits on a Start Right frame, to quilt this design on a cover I'm making for the Juki set up.  After a practice run, I realize the Juki set up just isn't senstive enough for detail work like this.  Check out my post in the Projects in Progress section.  Ughly with a capital U! haha  So I'll be quilting this design on the cover using my sewing machine and hopefully will do as good a job as I did in the block above.

Keep on stitchin'!


  1. Thanks, Marjorie. I was surprised that I could do such detailed work. Far from perfect, but I'm very pleased.

  2. Now I'm sorry that I just did a jumble/doodle. This is very nice!!!

  3. Thank you Elaine. I looked at your jumble/doodle and it's great! I'm so glad I decided to participate in this challenge!

  4. Just gorgeous, Sue! Claudia W

  5. Gorgeous, someday I hope I can do half as well. Love you Lavada
    How do I go about taking those lessons

  6. Thanks again everyone!

    Hi Lavada!! On the right side of my blog screen you will see links and badges. Click on the 2012 Free Motion Badge or the link to SewCalGal to find the lessons.

  7. You really did a great job on this Sue - -love it