Friday, May 4, 2012

Perfect Points Quilt FINISHED!!!

The quilt is finished!  WooHoo!!!  This little 39 inch square quilt was my most challenging quilt to date.  Good thing it was small!  It is far from perfect, but I learned so much about points.  I used monofilament thread in the needle and bobbin to quilt in the ditch with a walking foot.  Lots of turning and twisting to get around all the triangles, but my Bernina 830 worked with me flawlessly.  Not a single thread break.  I also digitized a quilt motif to fill the large area in the snowball block.
Now that this quilt if finished, I can move on to something else.
Perfect Points Quilt hanging over the hole in the fireplace.

Close up of the machine embroidered quilting in the snowball blocks.
  And yes, I did end up ripping out that dark square on the basket block and replacing with a nice pink one.  It looks much better!

Keep on stitchin!!

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