Sunday, May 6, 2012

Craftsy BOMs - May

These two blocks for May were such fun.  A chance to create a wonky block, slicing and stitching at will.  The other takes a new look at the traditional log cabin.

The Modern Log Cabin block uses wide and narrow strips around the center square, repeating each color for all 4 strips around the block.  The block ends up off center.  I fussy cut for a pretty flower in the center block.  The Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin block begins with a 'sort of' square as Amy puts it and continues around the center using different strips, different fabrics, and different widths.  Add to that, we slice off corners every now and then and slice a slanted cut once in a while when trimming off the ends.  Quite liberating! LOL
Modern Log Cabin

Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin
As you can see, my 5-sided beginning turned in to...hmmm, let me count...6, 7?  As I said...quite liberating! haha  Do you know how hard it is to 'square up' a block intentionally crooked???

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