Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carol Doak Mystery BOM - Paper Piecing

Well, I've done it again!  Started another BOM.  This one is Carol Doak's Mystery BOM which she has just started.  Her blocks and instructions will be posted on her Yahoo group, so hop on over there and join us!  This BOM is paper piecing.  I'm learning to really like this method...hmmm, I should say Carol's method!

I had this idea of fabric in my head for the BOM so I set out this morning in search of it.  Always a problem when you see something in your head that may not even exist...sigh.  Anyway, after driving to 4 stores, looking at every bolt, pulling several, putting several back, I found it.  I wanted a wild fabric that when cut into smaller pieces would look like several different fabrics.  And no matter how hard I tried to get that lime green 'solid' to look good with this fabric....the orange came home with me.  ORANGE!!!  And I do mean this fabric is orange, even though the picture looks a bit on the yellow side.  I can't wait to get the block made!

Paper Piecing BOM  Fabric

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