Sunday, April 8, 2012

Perfect Points - last blocks - LeMoyne Star

Lesson 5-LeMoyne Star
The last 2 blocks in the Perfect Points Quilt along, both LeMoyne Star.  I paper pieced these blocks using EQ7 to print the templates as I did for the Basket Block.  These blocks were much easier than the basket.  Larger pieces to work with.  I'm very pleased with the final product using paper piecing, but I found it to be hard for me to think backwards!  I kept shorting a side or corner...which I did frequently until I started cutting the twice-as-large-as-I-need pieces!  The paper came off easily as I used short stitches...oh, I used plain ol' copy paper to print the templates.  I was reminded of tearing away the stabilizer from embroidery projects....a necessary 'to-do' after you thought you were finished! LOL

Once I get the quilt assembled and completely finished...including quilting...I'll post a photo.

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