Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Practicing on paper

December's tutorial is by Patsy Thompson.  She's guiding us through borders.  Lots of pre-drawing and practicing for this.  The picture below shows my free-hand pencil drawing of her pdf file, then the needle holes as I went over the lines free motion sewing.  No thread, of course, in the needle or bobbin.  My Bernina 630 lets me turn off the function of seeing threads.
December Border Practice on Paper
I did surprisingly well on the feathers.  Hope I can do as well on fabric with only the center spine drawn in.  The spirals still give me trouble...just can't get those boogers to cooperate with me!!  I also need more practice on the large loops with smaller inner loop to get those bottoms to meet up nicely.  I even had trouble drawing them correctly.  Overall, not too bad, but I think one more dry run on paper is called for before I use a quilt sandwich.  Tomorrow is another day and I'll do the dry run then.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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