Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jelly Roll Braid

I may have mentioned...or I may not have!! that the quilt/Bernina shop where I teach and patronize (read, spend my money!!!) has a monthly Jelly Roll Quilt Class.  I missed the October one as it was held when I was in Houston oohing and aaahing over quilts and vendor booths.  November's uses a pattern by Eleanor Burns..Braid in a Day.  Umpfh!!!  in a day?? me???  no way!!
I decided to make the lap size which needs 3 rows of braids, each with a set of 18 'bricks'.  I didn't quite get those 3 rows done during class...but I have an excuse!!  I decided to help a gal pick out fabrics.  Now that's fun!  I can really help someone spend their money! hahaha  Anyway, here's what I've gotten done so far.
Jelly Roll Braid Quilt
I've got 7 more sets to go for each braid row.  Haven't picked out the rest of the fabrics for the sashing and borders.  Probably will use at least one fabric that's in the braids.  The store cuts the jelly rolls for these classes, so finding a fabric should be easy.

Ya think I'll be quilting like a mad woman in 2013????

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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