Saturday, June 22, 2013

Craftsy 2012 Quilt Finished!!

Finished!  Done!!  Completed!!!  All the quilting was done on the Bernina 830.  All free motion, no stitch regulator...just me.  I followed Leah Day's Craftsy Class, Free Motioning a Sampler Quilt.  A couple blocks are different from her's, but most are the same.  I have not washed or blocked the quilt yet.  I couldn't wait to get photos!!!
Craftsy 2012 Quilt Complete

Front Top

Front Bottom
Bottom Top

Bottom Back


 I think it looks pretty darn impressive, even though there are so many mistakes.  Traveling back over previously sewn stitches needs a lot of practice and my curves are still not always smooth and pretty.  I was petrified of using the green thread, but now I'm glad I did.  If I can do this, so can you!!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!


  1. You did a fantastic job! Love the quilting!

  2. Thanks BillieBee! I'm so glad it is finished. It's now washed and hanging on my wall!!

  3. you did a fantastic job with it, the green thread shows off your quilting beautifully. I found Leah's tutorials really useful and inspiring. My grand daughter laid claim to mine so no hanging on the wall for it. Enjoy

  4. I certainly learned a lot with Leah's tutorials. Now I'm itching to do something similar on my mid-arm frame!

  5. Gorgeous, as always, Sue! Now you have inspired me to practice my non-BSR quilting!! LOL

  6. Ha! Gotcha! Brenda, you can do it. I struggle more using the BSR than not. I have never been able to get good starts after stops with the BSR no matter which mode I use. Thanks!!

  7. Sue, that is gorgeous! So impressed that you did it with the 830! I used to dislike the BSR, but now, I love using it. Wow, your FMQ is an inspiration!

  8. Hi Julie. Thanks so much! I have never learned to like the BSR. Probably because I learned to free motion, well stipple, a long time before the BSR came on the market. It sits in it's box in a drawer.