Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grandmothers Choice - Week 12

This block is so pretty.  Caused me a pretty headache, too!!!  I started with paper piecing and found I'd not done a good job figuring out how to make sections.  So rather than going back into EQ7  and stretching the brain a bit more, I printed out templates.  So this block is partially paper pieced (with curses and several frog stitching frustrations) and partially pieced after cutting out the shapes.
Little Boy's Breeches - Week 12
Don't you love the name?  Barbara Brackman's Grandmothers Choice Blog tells us that someone saw pants in the shapes of the corners, so gave it the Little Boy's Breeches name.  Love it!

Take a moment to check out Barbara's blog to read what this block means to us women.  Thank goodness for our ancestor sisters in arms so that we can wear breeches!!!

Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Hi Sue! Nice job! I finally completed bl. 12 last night but I'm not happy because one of my triangles, the point doesn't reach the center square and I've taken the whole block apart so many times for various reasons that I've given up on it and started a new one with fresh fabric and I sewing it all by hand. I've got my breeches sewn now for the triangles and squares. Wish me luck! :-)

  2. Oh, Lynette, I am so far behind in my BOWs. I have a stack of them printed and fabric cut for foundation piecing and I have another stack of printed foundations. I have done a lot of ripping and re-sewing on these blocks. Sometimes I can use paper piecing, sometimes I can't. Paper piecing makes these little 8.5 inch blocks so much easier for me. Have fun and good luck!!!