Friday, November 9, 2012

BlockBase Sew Along - Block 3

This month's block has lots of pieces!  Once again, I paper pieced the 8.5" unfinished block using batiks from my stash.  I can see that I don't have enough variety in the darks, lights, mediums but I'm trying hard not to go shopping for more.  We'll see how it goes as this BOW progresses.
BlockBase SewAlong Block 3
Those that have posted their blocks on the EQ blog site have some wonderfully different looks.  Check them out!
I'm behind on the other BOW, the Grandmother's Choice.  I'm hoping to catch up over the next several days....if life doesn't get in my way! <smile>

Keep on Stitchin'!!


  1. I absolutely love the colors/fabrics you choose! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Jenny. I'm not good with colors, but I'm trying. My thought was if I used the batiks that I've been gathering, maybe I can put better colors together. There is a big difference between my first block and this 3rd block. I've always been such a 'matchy-matchy' person! LOL