Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Funky Chicken - August 2012

Finally!  Another month of BOMs completed!  Here's the latest block from FatCat Patterns.

This chick was a trouble maker!  She just didn't want to cooperate when sewing out....not the machine - it was that person who digitized the stitches....mmmmm, yep, that would be me.  I worked on this block a little here and a little there and promptly forgot what had or had not been done during those little heres and theres.  Discovered during stitchout that I had things sewing in the wrong order and...AND...I had not completed a couple of areas.  Duh  Double DUH!!!  Oh well, in the end, this chick ended up looking cute and innocent, altho if you look too closely, you'll see a booboo here and there.  I did several areas of frog stitches and decided she's as good as she's going to get.  Maybe I'll do another one, but probably not.  I'm not after perfection here, I'm after fun.

August 2012 Funky Chicken
August Close up
In one area, I moved the hoop and backed up stitches to fill in where I needed.  This worked really well on the first spot.  Betcha can't find that one!  The second spot, I didn't get it lined up quite so good.  So...she's got a few ruffled feathers!!! haha

Til next time........Keep on Stitchin'!!

OK, yes, I had to go back into the software and get everything fixed...someday someone may find these after I'm long gone and want to sew them out................


  1. Sue - I think your chickens are just adorable. I am fighting the temptation to start this project, because I'm not even a chicken person, but yours are just so cute! Claudia W

  2. Gotcha, Claudia! haha These are adorable chickens, aren't they? Fat Cat Patterns has some great applique and most have larger pieces which makes it easy to convert to embroidery applique.

  3. Sue
    This guy is so cute!!! Did you take the pattern and make it into a cutwork design? Do you have a tutorial for that? I just love the chickens and would love to do this project, I just purchased the software (it is still in the box) but really have no idea how to start......

  4. Hi Suz. Thanks!! I'm trimming these appliques by hand and only using the Bernina Cutwork software for some of the stitches. I'm creating the applique manually in Bernina Embroidery Software V6. Are you a member of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BerninaCutWorkSoftware/? Lots of learning information in the files and wonderful helpful members.