Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Have A New Quilting Machine!!

I finally did it.  I bought a Bailey 15 inch quilting machine.  http://www.baileyssewingcenter.com/
Here's the progression from the box!
What's in the box???

 Made in America!!!!
Just pulled from the box

That baby was packaged really good!
Bolted to particle wood!

Feet and instructional cd

Lotsa parts in there!!

And it's on the frame!!
I had to put the handles and some other things onto the machine, but it was pretty easy.  There really were no instructions for this part...just some pictures.  This gives me a few more inches to work with than the 9" Juki offered.  I put the Bailey15 on my Start Right Frame and it works very well.  Hopefully, down the road I can get a better frame with a carriage that will better suit the Bailey15. 

The Bailey is nothing fancy, but is a solid workhorse and affordable!  Now all I need to do is rack a quilt and get to practicing!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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  1. Hi Sue- a follow from the home quilt system group- how do you like your Bailey I'm thinking about getting one- if I remember when we exchanged post you originally had a set up like mine with the 9" on a frame- Anything you learned or recommend when ordering one?
    Tx Margo