Friday, May 3, 2013

Jelly Roll Runner Finished!

Finally!  I got back to the Jelly Roll runner and got it quilted.  I decided I wanted to quilt some feathers in the center using a variegated thread.  Lookin' good.  Then I decided I would go around the feathers in pebbles to give the feathers some 'umph'.  Uh oh!!  I shouldn't have used the same variegated I'm losing my feathers.  Ok, I'll just keep going because no way am I going to take out those tiny stitches in the pebbles and most pebbles are double stitched!!  So I went back over the feathers.  Hmmm...better.  Why not do that again???  So I did!  Now the center looks pretty good, but those block borders sure are waving at me!!  What do to?  More stitching, of course.  So I did a simple back and forth very close together.  Yeah!!!  The waves are gone!!!
Jelly Roll Runner 44"x16"

Runner End
This shows one end of the runner with a pretty good view of the swirlies on the black border.

Runner center section
This shows more of the middle section of the runner.  Here you can see the pebbles and feathers better.  Oh, did I tell you this is ALL free motion????  Yep, I'm getting braver and braver!

If you don't like what you do the first run, keep on stitchin' til you do!   Worked this time, as I was afraid this would be a File 13 project....trashed, just in case you aren't familiar with a File 13.  So now you see why I end my posts with the keep on stitchin' thing! LOL

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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