Sunday, April 28, 2013

FootBook - April's Page

We worked with the hemmer feet this month.  Once you get comfortable with where to place your fingers and how to hold the fabric as it feeds through, a good looking hem is possible.  I played with a couple different stitches with the cotton weight fabric (floral) and with the narrow hem on the batiste fabric (pale green), created a small scallop.

April's Foot Book - Hemmers
I got a bit of puckering on the scalloped hem because I was using too heavy a thread for the fabric.  I've been using Sulky's Blendables 30 wt cotton for most of the pages.  Should have used a fine thread...but it was at home and I wasn't! haha

Mini book with pictures of the feet.
Bernina has lots of these hemmer feet. I have only 2 - the 66 and 69.

Keep on Stitchin'!!


  1. I could have used this on the 1888's dress as it was I turned up the raw edge machine sewed
    Then just to be done I turned it up again and machine hemmed using the walking foot.

  2. Hi Colleen. These hemmers are great once you get used to them. Takes a bit of practice. I love using the various feet for different methods. Yep! I actually do use ALL these feet I have accummulated over the years! haha