Saturday, March 30, 2013

More on the Footbook

Made another page for the Footbook yesterday.  This one is using the #7 Taylor Tack/Fringe Foot.  It has a high blade in the center of the foot over which the upper thread wraps. 

Foot #7 booklet
The stamp on the cover reads "Happiness is Patching Together Life's Pieces"...a stamp from a set I have had 'forever'. I used to use stamps on my quilt labels when I first began quilting.
Opened booklet with stitching and picture.
We sewed 2 pieces of fabric together, pulled apart the fabrics to reveal a bridge of stitches between the 2 fabrics. Next we added decorative stitches .
Between last month's class and March's class, the Footbook has come a long way.  I have most of the pages backed with a partner now and yesterday I used a binding tool to bind the front and back covers.  I also added grommets to the pages and ringed them together.  It looks like a book now!!

It's a book!!
Back cover bound edges
The front and back covers were bound using a binding foot.  I did ok using the attachment.  Actually it was easier than I thought it would be, but I think I prefer putting my quilt bindings on manually.

Various edge finishes
We used various edge finishes to attach 2 pages together. Some used ribbon on top of both sides, then topstitched, one used ribbon folded over the edge, others used stitches.  I didn't like the look of the unfinished edges, so I did a stitch of some sort to finish these as well as the technique called for.  Yeah, I know...I've been called an over achiever lots of times!!!

There will be more more pages to add, but I'm happy to have a real book now instead of a bunch of loose pages!!

Keep on Stitchin'!

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