Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anita Goodesign Mix & Match Quilting

I've started a new class at my local quilt shop.  We recently had an Anita Goodesign event and several ladies purchased designs and weren't sure how to use them together.  So the store created an Anita Goodesign Embroidery BOM.  Of course I had to take advantage of this...just so I would actually make some of the designs I purchased!

I decided to use 2 in the hoop quilting designs with which I could use some black and white pre-cuts that I have.  It will take 4 of each of these small just over 5" blocks to make one larger block.  I have not yet trimmed the seam allowances.

Mix & Match Block 1

Mix & Match Block 2
Currently, I am thinking that I will have the solid black trianges to the center to create a solid black center square in each block.  I may throw in a zinger fabric on a block or two, but I haven't decided on that yet.  The quilting design on Block 1 and the design in the black corner of Block 2 is Anita Goodesign, but I redigitized it.  The original design was much too heavy for my taste in quilting.  The double swirl quilting over the black and white triangles is my own creation.

Once I get a full block sewn together for each of these, I'll post a picture.

Keep on Stitchin'!

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